Dear Growth,

It took me a while to get here
It took me a while to grow

For a long time, I thought I was broken
Not confident of  my  worth

I thought that I’d be wounded forever
As if I have absolutely no control

I sit here now, with a different perspective
I set here with what I’ve been through before,
-The loud screaming
-The shutting of doors
-Shattered glass against the wall

I’m not the same little girl that I was once before
And I will not let that define me anymore

The emotions, they all came flooding back to me
As I sat on there on the couch,
Trying to heal, trying to find the remedy

She said she respected me
In that moment I knew that, it wasn’t just me

Everything I’ve once thought
Every emotion I’ve once felt
Every tragedy that I’ve faced

They all created me
And now I’ve decided to recreate myself

Trashing the bad habits
And building the new
Growing with a new perspective
Going after a different view.

Love, Lexi

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