Dear Clarity,

We shared similar paths within our own timing
We became friends along the way, unaware of the important moments we would share.

As we look back at the years we have spent together, we realized just how much we’ve grown.

From abandonment, to subconsciously trying so hard to fill the voids in our hearts.
Feeling so unworthy, as if we were never worth someone staying in our lives.

We have finally reached a point within ourselves where we wanted to become better, so that later on in life, we wouldn’t become bitter, by holding onto things, that hurt us more in the end.

Within the silence of our conversations, within the value of our words we shared, we realized what emotions we’ve faced and overcame, and finally the universe aligned and helped us get to here.

We realized we had what we were searching for all along, the answer had been right in front of us.

As we let go of the pain we had once held onto, which made us question our-self worth more than understanding it, we realized we never let ourselves heal, therefore unallowing us to see another perspective.

Suddenly, a huge weight was lifted off of our shoulders, and our hearts began to mend, our minds enlightened as it all began to make sense.

We had those who had stayed, after those who had left.
And though it took everything in us for it to finally make sense, nothing will ever compare to the high we felt after letting go of everything we had once suppressed.

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